Sexual Misconduct, Title IX & SafeSport

Victims of a sexual abuse, assault, and other abusive conduct deserve specialized legal representation, which our attorneys provide.

Our Team’s Litigation Experience in These Areas of Law is Unmatched.

Survivors of sexual misconduct and discrimination have meaningful options for seeking justice, regaining the upper hand, and beginning the process of putting their lives back together. This pursuit of justice and meaningful resolution must be supported by intelligent, trained, and passionate legal firepower. Our trial attorneys obtain justice for victims of sexual misconduct – individually and/or as part of a survivors’ group – including when institutions fail to protect students, employees, children, and others from serial abusers.

For your reference, we highlight some of our firm’s powerful advocates that are available to help you:

  • Cari Simon, Harvard Law School alum and Inaugural Fellow at the Harvard Gender Violence Clinic, is one of the Nation’s Top Title IX Attorneys representing survivors of sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and sexual harassment in University and K–12 settings nationwide. Ms. Simon has been credited with the inclusion of stalking and dating violence in the definition of sexual harassment under Title IX, and her impact litigation ensured universities are responsible under Title IX for sexual violence at fraternity houses.
  • Monica Beck, University of Michigan Law School alum, obtained a $1.8 Million verdict in federal court against former MLB player Chad Curtis who was convicted of sexually assaulting four high school students. Ms. Beck immediately followed that verdict with a settlement in excess of $1 Million against a school district whose employee sexually assaulted an elementary school student. Most recently, Ms. Beck obtained a settlement for over $1 million against a school district that mishandled credible reports of sexual misconduct and assaults on two girls by a male student who was a “known repeat sexual predator,” and who happened to be the child of a teacher in the school district.”
  • Chloe Neely, New York University School of Law alum, represents a wide range of victims of school-related violence, including college and K–12 sexual assault, fraternity and sorority hazing, school shootings, and harassment. Ms. Neely specializes in representing sexual assault victims’ rights and has experience working with survivors in both civil and criminal contexts.
  • Olympias Iliana Konidaris (“Iliana”), Washington University Law School alum, has over ten years of experience handling civil litigation and claims involving civil rights in New York City. Ms. Konidaris represents victims and survivors in Title IX proceedings at the K-12, university, and graduate and professional school levels. She also represents survivors of gender-based violence in the workplace and in cyber abuse cases. In 2020, Ms. Konidaris was appointed the Co-Chair of the New York City Bar’s Sex & Law Committee and was recently named a 2021 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in Civil Rights Law.
  • Lisa Cloutier, Harvard Law School alum, is a national expert with over fifteen years of experience in successfully advocating for survivors at K-12 schools and higher education institutions, and in related policy work on these issues. Ms. Cloutier’s track record of results for her courageous clients regularly has included obtaining course final grade changes, significant tuition refunds and monetary awards, the suspension and expulsion of student perpetrators, the suspension and other significant, permanent sanctions against tenured faculty members at top national universities, and policy changes.
  • The National Title IX movement expertise, along with the sexual and gender violence training of Cari Simon, Monica Beck, Chloe Neely, Iliana Konidaris, and Lisa Cloutier make us uniquely effective counsel for survivors of sexual and gender violence in K-12 schools, colleges, and universities, fraternities, sororities, sports teams, camps, scouting, group outings, and the workplace.

Our Partners Across the Country.

We have unique, close relationships with the country’s leading non-profit advocacy groups, with whom we regularly confer, and at times, “partner” with on cases, to increase a victim’s ability to obtain justice and cause systematic change. Such groups include:


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