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From the moment Monica Beck and The Fierberg National Law [Group] agreed to represent our daughter, we felt at ease and confident our daughter’s best interests would be represented. The suit would take almost 5 years to be resolved and we came to feel like Monica was a member of our family. There were many twists and turns along the way but Monica always was focused and attentive to our every concern. She has a way of being personal and getting emotionally connected yet professional and objective so she can give you the hard answers and advice that you need to hear when involved in the highly specialized cases she handles. I have told her more than once I would like to meet her family so I can congratulate them on raising such a fine lady. We are forever grateful for the professional service and advice of Monica Beck, Doug Fierberg, and Erika Klockziem.

The McCoy Family

I shot probably the best interview of my entire series on hazing 'Protect the House' today in L.A. with attorney Douglas Fierberg. We spoke for hours and Doug’s knowledge and honesty on the topic [were] not only refreshing but at the same time scary and haunting. No one knows more than Doug on this topic and he is a no-BS type guy. This interview is raw and doesn’t sugarcoat this major problem. I’m glad this came together at the last minute and am so thankful to Julie and Gary DeVercelly for connecting me with Doug. This interview has been 3 years in the making. So happy that I came out of my self-imposed 'cocoon' today to do this.

Daniel Catullo III – Director of “Protect the House”

Witnessing Cari take my life into her hands and deeply care for it has been more healing than anything I could possibly imagine. I, of course, can’t change what happened and will still be affected by it in a lot of ways but I can at least look back on it and be proud of what I did about it. Again thank you so much for all the support.

College Sexual Assault Survivor, Client of Cari Simon

If you are looking for the best, look no further. You will not do any better than Doug Fierberg. In my deepest darkest depths of despair, Doug Fierberg appeared as a beacon of light bringing me hope and saved my life. His kindness, wisdom, expertise, and availability whenever I needed him, gave me the strength I so desperately needed to fight the biggest battle of my life after the loss of my son Matt Carrington who was killed in a water hazing while pledging a fraternity at Chico State in 2005. I am eternally grateful to Doug for everything he has done for me personally, as well as for my family as we continue to learn to maneuver through our lives without Matt. If you are looking for the best, I promise you will not be disappointed. I am honored to call him friend. Sincerely, Debbie

Debbie Smith, Mother of Matthew Carrington

You have served your clients so well and at the same time distinguished yourselves as first class, effective, efficient, practical and collaborative attorneys who know how to deal with the big issues. While tough on substance, you were smooth on style. That is a difficult combination to pull off.

John McCammon, Founder of The McCammon Group, Commenting on the Resolution of the Civil Claims from the Virginia Tech Massacre

If you have a chance to hire Doug Fierberg as your lawyer...grab it with both hands! Any client would and should be honored to have Doug Fierberg representing them. There is no more ethical person -- let alone lawyer -- that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Tireless, fearless, compassionate, well-researched...and funny! Doug checks all the boxes, but he actually and truly cares about the welfare of his clients, long after the filings are done. Doug, [and] Jon, and the rest of the team at the Fierberg National Law Group, do their best to ensure that those who've inflicted loss and harm to their clients are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. In our case, we can never recover from the loss of our child, but those who played active roles in harming him and covering it up, will have to pay a financial price. Everyone should be as lucky as the Braham Family was to be represented by a lawyer like Doug.

Richard Braham, Father of Marquise Braham

When I reached out for help, you stepped up and believed in my daughter (and me). Thank you for your support these last 4 years. I can never sufficiently explain how much you have meant to us. Your strength, kindness, and drive helped us to keep going when it was difficult. Thank you for being supportive, understanding, human, and available. Thank you for helping [my daughter] stand up for herself. Thank you for seeing in [my daughter] what was taken from her, and for fighting to get some of it back. Thank you for helping to make her bright again. Please, express our gratitude to all those people that helped with the case. It takes a team.

Mother of a High School Sexual Assault Survivor, Client of Monica Beck

Libby, Thank you so much for helping me through this process. You have made this (insanely hard) process more bearable and have made me feel safe and heard through the ups and downs. It is my honest opinion that no one was a better fit for an advisor for me. Thank you for dedicating six months of your life to help me tell my truth and protect my future and education.

Jane Doe, Title IX Matter at East Coast University

When my seven-year-old son was sexually assaulted about 20 times on school property by a classmate, I reported to the school what was happening. I also filed a police report, secured a restraining order, and filed a report with social services. The school not only refused to protect my son from the perpetrator, they wanted me to send him back to the same classroom so they could hire “extra eyeballs to observe and document their interactions,” essentially asking my traumatized son to act as bait so they could catch the student in the act. Their combined actions and lack of actions further traumatized my son and absolutely violated Title IX law. He was forced to change schools six weeks before the end of the school year and subsequently developed PTSD. My husband and I incurred tens of thousands of dollars in expenses over the next 12 months related to therapists, doctors and time off from work. I soon became aware of three other families in the same school district with eerily similar situations – one at the middle school level and two at the high school level. There was student-on-student sexual harassment or abuse, school administration was aware but refused to do anything to protect the victims or ameliorate their situations and the victims were being further traumatized. This obviously was a systemic problem that needed fixing, and after filing a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights, our family was offered mediation. Typically, mediation functions only to remediate an individual student’s situation, but nothing less than a systemic fix was going to be satisfactory for me. Finding a law firm with the expertise needed to advise us in this type of case was nearly impossible because it’s a very specialized area of law. Local law firms with expertise in Title IX law refused to take our case because they deemed it not big enough to justify their time. Fortunately, Monica Beck and The Fierberg National Law Group not only became a lifeline for us during an exceptionally trying time in our lives, they were instrumental in achieving a spectacular outcome — all without a lawsuit. The school district reimbursed us for a percentage of our documented out-of-pocket expenses, but more importantly, they agreed to train every principal in the school district and their bosses on how to respond appropriately to reports of sexual harassment and assault. They agreed to let Monica and me review the curriculum before they taught it, and I also got to meet with the district’s Title IX coordinator to impress upon him the importance of his role in keeping students safe. After 12 long months of fighting this battle to prevent other families from going through the torture of our experience, I couldn’t be happier with the end result. Thank you, Monica!

Parent of 7 Year Old Sexual Assault Survivor, Client of Monica Beck

Glad [Doug]’s my lawyer! And it’s an honor to know you Doug! I just wish it was under different circumstances!

Eric Oakes, Father of Adam Oakes

Doug Fierberg and the attorneys at the Fierberg National Law Group are amazing social justice activists; focusing on justice for survivors of violence. As a member of our Board of Directors, Doug has provided exceptional pro-bono guidance and input on a variety of matters. His prompt attention to our needs is always appreciated. This combined with decades of real-time experience have made him a valuable resource to our agency.

Juliette Schultz, Executive Director, Women’s Resource Center

I wanted to say thank you for all of your compassion, tenacity, and support throughout this tedious, stressful process. The outcome of this case and the remedies received provided us with some justice for what transpired when our criminal justice system otherwise failed us. We cannot adequately express our appreciation for all of your hard work and dedication. We are truly grateful to you and your firm! - Mother of Victim

So Grateful for Everything

Doug and all of the staff we worked with for our son's hazing case were exceptional. We researched extensively before we hired Doug and his firm, but once we met him, we knew he was the most knowledgeable and experienced hazing attorney in the country. He walked us through the toughest of times - always displaying a compassionate heart and the utmost professionalism. We always knew the status of our case, what was next and what was to come further down the road. Not only was Doug there for us during the worst of days, but he continues to support our mission of educating and saving young lives 10 years later.

Mother of Son Who Died from Fraternity Hazing

I am so happy, and relieved with some stress off my back now!  Makes me feel really good.  Thanks so much for all your hard work and help!  I couldn’t thank you enough!

Sexual Assault Survivor

Fierberg is a man of obvious and deep intelligence, comfortable—in the way of alpha-male litigators—with sharply correcting a fuzzy thought; with using obscenities; with speaking derisively, even contemptuously, of opponents. He is also the man I would run to as though my hair were on fire if I ever found myself in a legal battle with a fraternity, and so should you.

Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic

Due to you guys being amazing lawyers and giving me the opportunity to get justice, I have been contemplating going to law school!

Jane Doe, Client of Monica Beck

An unorthodox and potentially precedent-setting lawsuit against Louisiana State University alleges officials ignore fraternity hazing but protect sororities...Gentry McCreary, Chief Executive Officer of Dyad Strategies said,  “the initial strategy was ‘brilliant,’ as many institutions would be tempted to settle during this phase in the legal proceedings.” Peter Lake, Director of the Center of Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy at Stetson University in Florida said, “Fierberg is leading one of the most significant college discipline lawsuits in higher education.”

Inside Higher Ed

I  just wanted to tell you how grateful I am that you, Doug, Chris and Karen stuck by my side for two years strong.  Such a burden has been lifted off my shoulders once we made the final deal today.  To say that I am grateful and so appreciative is an understatement.

Jane Doe

You and Jon were amazing!  We had them outlawyered today, which gives us a fighting chance of having it acknowledged that our son died from hazing and that steps will be taken to prevent others from being harmed/killed.  All because of you, Jon and the Team in Michigan and PA!

Surviving Parent, Client of Douglas Fierberg & Jonathon Fazzola

Thank you for bringing me hope, for swooping in and offering to help when I thought my heart couldn’t take any more hurt. Thank you for helping me believe that my heart won’t always be broken and that some good may still come from my suffering.

Jane Doe

I can’t tell you how much of a weight you lifted, to know we have your expertise in helping her make it through this final state.  It means the world!

Parent of Sexual Assault Survivor

I am so grateful for your assistance with everything. I am thankful to have this behind me and I am looking forward to moving on with my studies.

Sexual Assault Survivor (Pro Bono)

Doug Fierberg, Cari Simon, and their team are passionate about achieving justice for their clients. They treated me with respect and great reverence for the trauma that I faced. They were genuinely interested in my well being as a survivor. Throughout all steps of the process, they believed in me and encouraged me. They are true advocates for their clients.

John Doe, Client of Cari Simon & Douglas Fierberg

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