“We Don’t Haze” – It’s Important To Know That You Can Make Difference

“We Don’t Haze” – A Clery Center Documentary

The National Study of Student Hazing reports that 55% of college students involved in clubs, teams, and organizations experience hazing. In an effort to bring awareness to this topic, Clery Center has partnered with students, parents, and educators to create We Don’t Haze, an award-winning documentary.

In this short film, families and victims of hazing testify to the true impact these so-called “traditions” have on campus communities. We take a deeper look at the causes and consequences of hazing and speak to leaders who have pledged to help end these practices.

We Don’t Haze helps identify hazing behaviors, and offers organization leaders alternative traditions that promote a safer, more positive team-building experience. View and download the full documentary free of charge here.

We Don’t Haze Companion Resources

In addition to the We Don’t Haze video, Clery Center has created seven additional free resources for colleges and universities.

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