“We Don’t Haze” Documentary from the Clery Center and former Fierberg National Law Group Clients


The Clery Center has released a trailer preview of their newest resource for campuses – a free documentary addressing hazing on campus.

The 15-minute documentary, produced by the Clery Center, will be available in its entirety September 2015.

“We Don’t Haze” interweaves personal experiences of victims and their families to illustrate the effects of hazing and to inspire students to create safer campus communities.

Key takeaways include examples of hazing practices on campus and realistic alternative solutions that accomplish the positive goals of team building, unity, and positive group bonding.  The documentary addresses both how to recognize hazing and how to take realistic steps to prevent hazing on campus.

The Clery Center for Security On Campus (formerly Security On Campus, Inc.) is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3)  organization dedicated to safe campus communities nationwide. The organization was founded in 1987 by Connie and Howard Clery following the April 1986 rape and murder of their 19-year-old daughter Jeanne in her Lehigh University dorm room. Her assailant, who is spending life behind bars without parole, was also a student at the school whom Jeanne did not know prior to the attack.

The Fierberg National Law Group would like to applaud and thank our former clients’, the DeVercelly Family for their advocacy efforts through the Clery Center to prevent future hazing violence. Learn more about our initial results in 2009 following their son’s death.

Here’s to another school year that much safer because of their contributions

You can watch the FULL FILM here on the Clery Center’s website.