VA Lawyers

VA Lawyers

Experienced VA Lawyers Serving Those Who Served Us

Are you a veteran who, despite your service and sacrifice for this country, is being denied benefits? Have you experienced discrimination based on your status as a veteran? Are you searching for legal help for veterans?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, the VA lawyers at The Fierberg National Law Group want to help. We have a team of tested VA attorneys who have protected the rights of their clients, beat the opposition, and obtained the results they deserved.

If you’re looking for a VA attorney or VA disability lawyers to defend your rights, now is the time to contact our office by phone or email.

Legal Help for Veterans Facing Discrimination

Returning to civilian life can be difficult after years of service in the military. After giving so much, our military service members deserve better than the often constant struggle to find work. Many employers may wrongly discriminate against veterans based on their combat status wrongly fearing they may have a PTSD episode.

If you’re facing a case you believe to be discriminatory, it is important to contact the TFNL Group where our group of VA lawyers can use their expertise to get you any settlement or employment you are entitled to.

Contact us today to have a team member work with you on your case.

Legal Help for Veterans With Benefits Claims

There are many great benefits that come with being a veteran, but sometimes these benefits are unfairly denied. Perhaps you have applied for compensation, education, or home loan benefits but have received a letter that denies you from accessing these benefits. Now is not the time to give up.

You have the right to appeal the decision. In fact, there are many common errors in the process that may have prevented you from receiving the benefits you’re due.

  • Failure to Notify You of Required Evidence
  • The VA Didn’t Help You Obtain Records
  • The VA Didn’t Provide A Medical Examination or Opinion
  • The Medical Examination or Opinion Was Inadequate
  • Inadequate Explanation of Decision

Finding the right VA lawyers to help you win your appeal is incredibly important. Not all teams will have nationwide experience like the TFNL Group. You want a team that has worked with veterans all over the country.

Reaching out to our offices by phone or email will put you on the path to appealing your case.

VA Lawyers for Widows/Widowers of Fallen Service Members

Sadly, some of our service members make the greatest sacrifice of all and leave behind loved ones who need assistance to pick up the pieces. However, it is very common for those survivors to be unaware of all the benefits they may receive from the VA.

These benefits include:

  • Health care
  • Compensation
  • Education
  • Home loans
  • Burial Benefits

It’s a horrible thing to lose someone you love. We empathize with you and want to help you find some hope as you move forward with your life. If you’ve filed for these benefits and have been denied, or need legal assistance in applying for benefits, we have a team of VA attorneys who know just how to give legal help for veterans and their families.

Start your journey with us by contacting us today. We want to help.

TFNL Group – Protecting Your Rights as You Protected Ours

Our nationwide law firm is proud to serve those who have served us. The VA lawyers that comprise our team have the knowledge, experience, and compassion to fight for those who have already given so much. We are ready to go above and beyond by offering all veterans and spouses discounts of 10% on our services.

This is how the Firm serves you and others who, like you, have protected our country and the legal rights our society most values. Contact us today.