School Shooting Victim Lawyer

School Shooting Victim Lawyer

Finding a School Shooting Victim Lawyer

Schools are meant to be a safe place. When a school is no longer safe,  parents and victims justly demand that comprehensive changes be imposed upon those who caused or failed to prevent their trauma. We have compelled schools to make their campuses safe and act responsibly towards victims of such tragedies.

The attorneys at The Fierberg National Law Group are experienced professionals who pursue justice for all victims of school shootings and other violence and misconduct at schools.

Where to Find a School Shooting Victim Lawyer

When tragedies like gun violence strike, you may be unsure where to look for help. Do you need to find a lawyer near you? What about looking for a school shooting victim lawyer online? Ultimately, it does not matter where your lawyer is located. The number one priority is finding someone who has experience and a proven track record.

The team at The Fierberg National Law Group works in all 50 states representing families and victims of school violence of all kinds. For more than 25 years we’ve fought for people just like you – handling cases with extreme care and determination.

For Children and Youth

Children and youth are most directly affected by school shootings. School wide drills and exercises can’t fully prepare the mental turmoil that follows a school shooting scare. Here are a few resources:

For Families

Families are indirectly involved in the aftermath of school shootings. There is often unique emotional and mental work that needs to be done by those close to victims as well. Parents who are looking to find the best ways to support their children will find these resources helpful:

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