School Rape Lawyer

School Rape Lawyer

The attorneys at The Fierberg National Law Group are among the nation’s best lawyers for school sexual assault issues, advocating for victims at K-12 schools and higher education institutions. We have the background and expertise that makes us uniquely qualified to successfully handle sexual assault and abuse lawsuits and other cases involving sexual or gender-based violence. Our attorneys understand the challenges that come with filing claims against institutions who are more interested in maintaining their reputation and often hide behind well-heeled lawyers who resort to blaming and shaming the victims.

We are passionate about not only making sure your rights are protected and perpetrators are held accountable, but also for ensuring judgments reached on behalf of our clients bring about meaningful and lasting change to protect the rights of all students. If you have experienced sexual assault while a student, our law firm has a school rape lawyer that is ready to walk with you and fight on your behalf.

I tried to file criminal charges against my rapist, but the charges were dropped.

If you took the necessary steps to report your assault and nothing came of it, we want to express our sincere condolences. It is unfathomable that victims of such traumatic crimes often have to prove that they are indeed the victim. It is our mission is to not only pursue the perpetrators of such crimes but also to make sure that colleges and universities are held accountable for any role they may have played. This can be accomplished through civil litigation.

Attorney Cari S. Simon is a Title IX and Victims’ Rights Attorney who focuses on the civil representation of victims of sexual violence and other misconduct on campus and K-12 schools. Ms. Simon has dedicated her life to fighting for women’s rights and is a leader in the national movement to address campus sexual assault. Ms. Simon pioneered rights for sexual assault victims.

Attorney Jonathan N. Fazzola was successful in obtaining clearance by the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit to proceed with a lawsuit filed on behalf of two female students who were sexually assaulted. At issue is the university’s unwillingness to investigate their rape claims because the alleged assaults happened off-campus – violating their rights under Title IX.

Title IX lawyer, Monica H. Beck, has 20 years of civil litigation experience in federal and state courts across the nation and focuses her practice on representing young victims of sexual violence, abuse, assault, and harassment, making certain their rights are protected and achieving justice for victims and their families. Ms. Beck represents children in Michigan and across the country in Title IX claims and other lawsuits to ensure that perpetrators and institutions, like schools and churches, that fail to comply with their obligations to protect children are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.

Attorney Chloe M. Neely represents a wide-range of victims of school-related violence, including college and K–12 sexual assault, fraternity and sorority hazing, school shootings, and harassment. Ms. Neely specializes in representing sexual assault victims’ rights and has experience working with survivors in both in civil and criminal contexts.

Attorney Lisa Cloutier is a national expert with over fifteen years of experience in successfully advocating for survivors at K-12 schools and higher education institutions, and in related policy work on these issues. Ms. Cloutier’s track record of results for her courageous clients regularly has included obtaining course final grade changes, significant tuition refunds and monetary awards, the suspension and expulsion of student perpetrators, the suspension and other significant, permanent sanctions against tenured faculty members at top national universities, and policy changes.

Attorney Olympias Iliana Konidaris (“Iliana”) has over ten years of experience handling civil litigation and claims involving civil rights in New York City. Ms. Konidaris represents victims and survivors in Title IX proceedings at the K-12, university, and graduate and professional school levels. She also represents survivors of gender-based violence in the workplace and in cyber abuse cases. In 2020, Ms. Konidaris was appointed the Co-Chair of the New York City Bar’s Sex & Law Committee and was recently named a 2021 Best Lawyers: Ones to Watch in Civil Rights Law.

In addition to having a talented and dedicated team of attorneys, The Fierberg National Law Group is also skilled at building legal teams to cover all aspects of your unique case. We will partner with local attorneys so that you, the victim, are sure to have the best school rape lawyer no matter where you are. You do not need to rely on a campus lawyer or an attorney without the local knowledge and national expertise that we can bring.

We also have the ability to leverage our close associations with the nation’s leading nonprofit advocacy groups, with whom we can “partner” in order to obtain justice for our clients and enact meaningful change. These organizations include, but are not limited to:

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