Representing Veterans

Protecting your rights as you protected ours.

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Our Firm Respects and Acts to Honor Your Accomplishments and Service.

This is no empty slogan, word-pitch or Facebook post often made by law firms, people or businesses to make themselves feel good.  This is about you, the legal representation you deserve, and our actions to defend your rights against all opposition.

Our lawyers are guided by the principle that the “test of self-worth is revealed in action.  It must be earned.  It is what one does.”  Our actions have produced tremendous results for our clients across the nation.  Yes, from “sea to shining sea.”

As you likely well know, it is unquestionably difficult to make the right decision about which law firm to retain while you and family members are grappling with pain and tragedy.  We know that to be true.

Hence, we encourage you to check publicly available information about our Firm and ask to speak with our past and present clients.  Their first-hand accounts – not spokespersons or sales pitches – will give you direct, reliable insight into how our passionate, highly-educated and trained attorneys protected their rights, beat the opposition and obtained the results they deserved.  Of course, we are happy to travel to your home or other location, answer any and all of your questions, and/or share other non-privileged information about our work handling lawsuits involving traumatic personal injuries and wrongful death.

While we never compromise the quality and intensity of our advocacy for veterans or any client, we demonstrate our respect and commitment to veterans by reducing the cost of our services and donating those savings to fund charitable organizations that assist veterans.  Here’s how the Firm does that:

  1. The Firm discounts its fees for services to veterans by ten (10%) percent. For example, depending on the legal jurisdiction, most Firms charge a one-third contingency fee for personal injury actions.  For veterans, we reduce that fee by 10%; and
  2. The Firm donates that 10% to a charitable organization that assists veterans and their families. While we prefer certain organizations, our veteran clients have the right to designate the organization that will best put this money to good use.


This is how the Firm serves you and others who, like you, have protected our country and the legal rights our society most values.

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Washington Navy Yard Shooting

The Washington Navy Yard shooting occurred on September 16, 2013 when 34-year-old Aaron Alexis fatally shot 12 people and injured three others in a mass shooting at the headquarters of NAVSEA.

United States District Court for the District of Columbia

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