Wrongful Death & Serious Personal Injury

Delivering unprecedented financial results and peace of mind to people seeking compensation for serious personal injuries or wrongful death.

We Have Resolved – Via Settlement or Trial – Numerous Cases Involving Traumatic Injuries & Death.  

This has included federal and state lawsuits involving:

As to our abilities, John McCammon, the Founder of The McCammon Group and mediator of the settlement we reached on behalf of victims and surviving family members of the Virginia Tech Massacre, said, You have served your clients so well and at the same time distinguished yourselves as first-class, effective, efficient, practical and collaborative attorneys who know how to deal with the big issues. While tough on substance, you were smooth on style. That is a difficult combination to pull off.”

If you or a loved one have suffered a serious personal injury or wrongful death, our team of experienced and talented attorneys will deliver justice to you and your family.

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