Multi-million dollar judgments in lawsuits against elementary school teacher for abuse of children

Our lawyers are pleased to have obtained millions of dollars in final judgments to resolve federal lawsuits filed on behalf of 4 students who were abused and videotaped by their third grade teacher. In addition to substantial financial settlements against their school district – enough to forever change their lives, heal with professional help, attend college and fund their life pursuits – the law firm obtained $4 Million in judgments against their former teacher. If this abuser is ever released from prison and earns a dime, that dime and every one thereafter belongs to our clients. While it may never amount to a lot of money, it’s the principle and delivery of justice for victims of school violence that endures for these clients. Kudos also go out to our tenacious local counsel in North Carolina – part of our school violence team – Robert Tatum and Laura O’Connor.