What We Know About the Real-Life Victims in ABC News Studios’ New True Crime Series, Death in the Dorms – Streaming on Hulu

While college is typically a time for students to expand their horizons, join extracurriculars, and gain a new sense of independence, it can also bring on unimaginable dangers. Hulu's latest true crime docuseries Death in the Dorms follows such dangers through the chilling accounts of six real-life college students who were brutally murdered on their campuses. Produced by ABC News Studios, the six-episode anthology series tells the story of one student's tragic death in each installment. The victims include University of Virginia lacrosse player Yeardley Love, University of Florida student Christian Aguilar, Baruch College student and our client, Michael Deng, Western Kentucky University student Katie Autry, UCLA student Andrea DelVesco, and University of South Carolina senior Samantha Josephson.

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