‘Shocks the Conscience’: Federal Mag. Chastises Lorena ISD Principal Over Lack of Action in Teacher’s Sexual Abuse Cases – One Being Against Our 5 Year Old Client

A Waco federal magistrate delivered a harsh critique of a Lorena principal's conduct in their proposal to dismiss a lawsuit brought by our clients, the parents of a pre-K student who was sexually assaulted by a teacher at Lorena Primary School. The magistrate recommended that the district and the principal's motion be rejected. According to U.S. Magistrate Jeffrey C. Manske's 15-page report and recommendation to U.S. District Judge Alan Albright, Lorena Primary School Principal April Jewell's failure to take appropriate action in response to reports of teacher Nicolas Scott Crenshaw's inappropriate behavior towards two female students is deemed unacceptable. The lack of executive action is described as "shocking to the conscience." The suggestion of Manske will be submitted to Albright for an official decision regarding the school district's request to dismiss the legal case.

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