Estate of Deceased College Student v. Phi Sigma Kappa, et al.

Represented the family of college student who died following an evening of initiation at a “Bid Night” sponsored by a chapter of a national fraternity.  Discovery in the case uncovered internal documents of the fraternity demonstrating that the fraternity’s risk-management programs were not unilaterally working to prevent injuries or death from the misuse of alcohol during fraternity events, and that senior members of the fraternity had long-ago recommended that the fraternity go “dry” to prevent additional incidents of injury or death.  Those recommendations were not adopted by the national fraternity.  The national fraternity’s motion to dismiss the claims against it were denied.  Subsequently, the family accepted a settlement from the fraternity and numerous of its members that included economic and non-economic terms.  USA TODAY covered the case, and the article can be viewed here.

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