Douglas Fierberg Appears In Award Winning Documentary, “The Hunting Ground”

School Violence Law attorney, Douglas Fierberg, featured in powerful documentary film and CNN special.

The Hunting Ground portrays the alleged rape and sexual assault on college campuses and the devastating toll it takes on students and their families by weaving together verité footage and first personal testimonials. Douglas Fierberg adds to the film, lending the over 20 years of litigation experience he has fighting against the plague of campus sexual violence in the US.

The film follows the lives of several undergraduate assault survivors as they attempt to pursue both their education and justice, despite incredible push back, harassment, and traumatic aftermath.

“Their stories — delivered in sorrow and rage, with misting eyes and squared jaws — make this imperfect movie a must-watch work of cine-activism, one that should be seen by anyone headed to college and by those already on campus.The New York Times

The discussions in the film also depict the work and expertise of The Fierberg National Law Group and School Violence Law attorney Cari Simon, an attorney who has represented dozens of sexual assault survivors as one of the nations leading Title IX litigators.

Victims of sexual violence at schools are entitled to numerous state and federal legal remedies against wrongdoers. Including against third-parties that failed to protect them from harm, harassment, retaliation and destruction of their educational rights.

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