Client v. SMF High School, et al.

Represented a freshman high school student who was hazed by older, stronger wrestlers in the school’s locker room.  On numerous occasions the Client was forcibly held down and prodded on the rectum with a broomstick the perpetrators named “Pedro.”  These incidents prompted students to humiliate the plaintiff in the school hallways with taunts that he “liked it up the butt,” or that he was gay.  ABC 20/20 featured this incident in a report on the increase in violent hazing in high schools.  The family accepted a substantial confidential settlement from the individual perpetrators and the school, and obtained concessions from the school revising its codes of conduct to prevent future hazing of students.

The following are documents of the court proceedings of the Client v. SMF High School, et al. : Pleading 1 and Pleading 2 . Media coverage of this case can be read here courtesy of and here courtesy of Stow Sentry

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