Ex-MLB player Chad Curtis Names & Shares Photos of High School Sexual Assault Victims

Chad Curtis violated a court order by naming the students who filed a sexual assault lawsuit against him.

Title IX and K-12 sexual assault victims attorney, Monica Beck of The Fierberg National Law Group and School Violence Law, has worked diligently to protect our clients privacy and safety as the polarizing Lakewood High School sexual assault case continues to garner national attention.

In a 103-page document, Curtis included police and medical reports that contained names, addresses and phone numbers for three of the four former Lakewood High School student-athletes who are suing him.

Monica Beck sought expedited consideration of her motion to strike Curtis’ filing:

“Filing [police reports and medical examinations] without redacting names is a direct violation of this Court’s ruling and orders.”

Curtis also included three photos of the plaintiff who used her name in the lawsuit. She is shown twice with Curtis’ daughter in 2012 – at homecoming and a powder-puff football game. Another showed her with a young boy and a birthday cake. 

Former MLB player Chad Curtis is led from the courtroom after being sentenced to prison Thursday, Oct. 3, 2013 in Hastings, Mich. Curtis was found guilty of sexual assaults of high school girls.

“Defendant Curtis has now willfully disregarded this court’s ruling and orders by failing to redact the Plaintiffs’ names and other identifying personal information, including their home address. His refusal to redact names illustrates his utter disregard for Plaintiffs’ well-being and this court’s orders. Defendant Curtis may be proceeding pro se in this matter, but that does not permit him to flout this Court’s rulings and orders.” – Plaintiff’s attorney, Monica Beck

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