Virginia Tech Massacre Settlement

We negotiated the historic settlements valued in excess of $11 Million for the wrongful deaths and injured survivors of the April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech Massacre. The settlement included financial compensation, health benefits, and non-monetary assistance. It established a foundation in their honor that continues to advocate for safe schools & gun control, which we continue to represent today.

A settlement was reached with the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech in order to put an end to one small portion of the devastating tragedy suffered by our many clients and numerous others.  Our hearts forever go out to these victims and their families.

Negotiations of the settlement spanned many weeks. The settlement was complex and contained many terms and conditions.  Most importantly, the settlement guaranteed those seriously injured victims were compensated and their health care needs taken care of forever.  Families who lost loved ones were similarly compensated and cared for.

The amount families received did nothing to offset or to reduce the pain they will forever suffer as the result of their loss. To suggest otherwise would defy logic.

Upon the settlement, we released information uncovered by our firm’s investigation to the public.  This information shed new light on what caused this senseless tragedy and how Virginia Tech and its most senior officials failed to protect these victims and families or accurately report all relevant information to the public afterward.

A Panel appointed by Governor Tim Kaine to investigate this tragedy concluded that Virginia Tech failed to get accurate, timely information to students and faculty so that they could take actions to protect themselves.

This conclusion remains true, and our clients must forever endure the consequences of this and other tragic mistakes and errors of judgment.

Going forward, we hope that necessary changes are made and others will be spared harm through the work of our clients and the Charitable Purpose Fund established by the settlement, and as the public learned more about how this tragedy could have been avoided.

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