Ooltewah High School Basketball Team Hazing/Sexual Assault of Teammate

Location: Gatlinburg, TN

When the Ooltewah High School basketball team traveled to Gatlinburg for a basketball tournament in December of 2015, one of the players claimed an assault happened in a hot tub when no adults were around.

He said he was thrown in the hot tub and was told: “this is going to make you a man.” Upperclassmen later wrestled him to the ground while another used a pool stick to touch his backside. He managed to fight them off.

The second victim, John Doe, reportedly hid pool sticks because another student told him teammates had used them in the past. Three upperclassmen later raped Doe with a pool stick.

An outside investigation into the rape case revealed a culture of hazing and bullying among players occurred weeks – and possibly years – leading up to this incident.

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