Ooltewah High School Sexual Assault Case

John Doe suffered a brutal sexual assault by his high school basketball teammates. Our firm filed suit against the school district, school and coaching staff under Title IX, Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act, and state law. The Court agreed with our claims, refused to dismiss the case, and issued a 60-page opinion setting legal standards that will help other survivors obtain justice.

When the Ooltewah High School basketball team traveled to Gatlinburg for a basketball tournament in December of 2015, one of the players claimed an assault happened in a hot tub when no adults were around.

He said he was thrown in the hot tub and was told: “this is going to make you a man.” Upperclassmen later wrestled him to the ground while another used a pool stick to touch his backside. He managed to fight them off.

The second victim, John Doe, reportedly hid pool sticks because another student told him teammates had used them in the past. Three upperclassmen later raped Doe with a pool stick.

An outside investigation into the rape case revealed a culture of hazing and bullying among players occurred weeks – and possibly years – leading up to this incident.

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Former MLB Player Chad Curtis’ Sexual Assault of 4 Student-Athletes

Obtained a $1.8 Million verdict on behalf of one of our four clients in Federal Court. All four women settled with Lakewood Public Schools and its Board of Education in Western Michigan for $575,000.

Four student-athletes alleged former MLB player Chad Curtis sexually assaulted them under the guise of performing therapeutic massages while being a volunteer coach in the weight room of Lakewood High School in Barry County, Michigan. He was convicted of criminal sexual conduct in October 2013 and is serving 7 to 14 years in prison.

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Kansas State University Title IX Lawsuit

Our lawsuit filed against Kansas State University by two former students, who were sexually assaulted, has been given clearance to proceed by the United States Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.

Tessa Farmer and Sara Weckhorst, were each brutally raped by KSU students at off-campus fraternity houses. Both reported the rapes to KSU and identified the perpetrators, one of whom is now in prison. KSU refused to investigate or take any action against the perpetrators, allowing them to remain on campus, and justified its indifference on the basis that the rapes occurred off-campus.

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