Reardon, Daniel – Fraternity Initiation Death at Phi Sigma Kappa House at the University of Maryland – College Park

Location: College Park, MD

Daniel Reardon, a freshman student at the University of Maryland – College Park,  received a bid to join Phi Sigma Kappa.  The Fraternity’s initiation began on February 7, 2002, with “Bid Night,”  a long-standing tradition of providing prospective members with large quantities of hard alcohol, and cheering them on to develop and demonstrate Fraternity Brotherhood by drinking excessively.

By the end of the evening, Dan lost consciousness and was taken to the hospital after turning blue.  After several days in a comatose state, his parents made the horrifying decision to remove him from life-support.

Dan’s blood-alcohol level at the time of his admission to the hospital was 0.579.

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