Culolias, Estate of Jack vs. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity and Individual Defendants

Location: Maricopa County, AZ

19-year-old Arizona State University student and Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity pledge, Jack Culolias, tragically drowned in the Salt River in Novembrer 2012.

On Nov. 30, 2012, Culolias attended a “pregame party” at an off-campus apartment complex where under aged pledges and members consumed large quantities of alcohol before they were bused to Cadillac Ranch, according to the suit.

Several under aged pledges and members “were visibly intoxicated when they arrived” Fraternity members and pledges switched wristbands so that the under aged pledges were served alcohol.

Culolias was last seen around the time he got kicked out of the restaurant/bar that night, and the only physical clue of he whereabouts was a single red shoe, which was found by Culolias’ mother who had come into town from California.

On December 16, a body was spotted in a river next to a shopping center, and it was identified as Culolias — who was wearing the other red shoe.

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