Castro, Estate of Bea Angelika Macabasco vs. Chi Sigma Phi Sorority, et al

Location: Fullerton, CA

In the early morning hours of March 17, 2019, after a long night of excessive alcohol consumption at a mandatory and formal new sorority member installation event for Chi Sigma Phi (“CSP” or the “Chapter”) at California State University, Fullerton, Bea Castro became incapacitated and unconscious.

Throughout the evening, Bea was allegedly plied with dangerous quantities of alcohol, hazed, and, while visibly incapacitated and suffering, was dropped on her head, held up and staged for photographs with a trash bag tied around her neck to catch her vomit, and left in a bedroom on her back, struggling to breathe, while CSP members partied on.

By 8:00 am, Bea was found in bed no longer breathing. EMS was not immediately summoned. Instead, friends carried her to the car and drove her to the hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly after arrival of “acute ethanol intoxication” with a blood-alcohol content of 0.352, though it was most likely far higher hours earlier when she was alive and her body struggled to process the alcohol.

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