Cari Simon Discusses Sexual Assault Crisis at Baylor University with Dallas Morning News

After an investigation found that Baylor University miserably failed students who say they were raped, the school continues to hold back critical information.

Baylor University says it is ready to do right by the women who have been sexually assaulted, but has taken steps that appear designed to protect it from further scrutiny – campus police continue to withhold written reports of sexual assaults from the news-media and the number of botched sexual-assault cases remains unclear.

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News last week, Cari Simon, attorney with The Fierberg National Law Group, states that given Baylor’s reluctance to provide information to the public, it’s likely that “handing it to opposing counsel will not be a top priority.”

Additionally, Baylor has decided to opt out of acquiring the written report produced by the law firm hired by the university to investigate its failings. Chairman of the board of regents, Ronald Murff, one of several board members given oral presentations on the inquiry, tells The Dallas Morning News, “[we] did not take notes,stating a written record was not necessary as, “It’s going to be difficult to ever forget some of what we heard.”

“The sexual-assault crisis at the Waco University exploded two weeks ago, when the board of regents dismissed Ken Starr from the presidency and ousted Art Briles, the former head football coach. An eight-month investigation by the law firm Pepper Hamilton found that the school was “wholly inadequate” in its enforcement of Title IX.” “As Baylor’s regents dismissed Starr and Briles, they also released a 13-page written summary of Pepper Hamilton’s findings. The football team was deemed a danger to the school because athletic officials hid assault complaints from the university administration and players who were given second chances went on to hurt more women. School officials discouraged women from pursuing claims under Title IX, even retaliating against one who did.” -The Dallas Morning News

Two football players have been convicted of rape, including one who had been cleared by the school’s own inquiry. A third football player has been arrested. However, a detailed report from the school has yet to materialize.

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