Athlete Abuse Lawyer

Athlete Abuse Lawyer

Athlete Abuse Lawyer

If your child has been harmed while participating in youth sports, you need an athlete abuse lawyer who understands the intricacies of such cases. At The Fierberg National Law Group, our attorneys have trained specifically to help survivors achieve justice, regain power, and compel reform. We remain the only legal team focused on representing families, survivors, and others in lawsuits and other legal proceedings nationwide involving fraternity hazing, school violence, serious personal injury, wrongful death, sexual assault, Title IX violations, and other misconduct.

Playing sports has many benefits for children and youth of all ages including, but not limited to:

  • A Healthier Heart
  • Reduced Stress and Anxiety
  • Diverse Social Connections
  • Reduced Risk of Diabetes
  • Reduced Body Fat
  • Teamwork
  • Better Sleep
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Improved Appearance
  • Skill Development
  • Improved Mood
  • Improved Cognitive Function
  • Better Academic Outcomes

Parents also expect sports organizations to provide a safe and structured environment in order for their children to reap these benefits. However, not all sports organizations have been able to provide a safe environment and children have been harmed by adults who were meant to protect them. Fortunately, recent legislation has been passed to expand existing laws in order to make sure child abuse that occurs within youth sports is reported and prevents it from continuing once it is discovered.

In 2017 Congress passed a new sports law, called the Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act. This law aims to protect amateur athletes from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse by expanding child abuse reporting laws and abuse awareness training required of adults participating in youth sports. This law, commonly known as the Safe Sport Act, makes certain that sports organizations as large as national governing bodies and as small as local youth sports teams will follow the procedures set forth in the legislation. This includes mandated reporting, abuse prevention training, records of reported abuse, and background checks.

What should you look for when choosing a Sexual Abuse Lawyer?

Being the victim of sexual abuse or misconduct can be devastating and confusing. As such, you need specially trained lawyers who are passionate advocates for your rights. At The Fierberg National Law Group, these attorneys include:

  • Cari Simon, Harvard Law School alum and Inaugural Fellow at the Harvard Gender Violence Clinic, is one of the Nation’s Top Title IX Attorneys representing survivors of sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and sexual harassment in University and K–12 settings nationwide. Ms. Simon has been credited with the inclusion of stalking and dating violence in the definition of sexual harassment under Title IX, and her impact litigation ensured universities are responsible under Title IX for sexual violence at fraternity houses.
  • Monica Beck, University of Michigan Law School alum, recently obtained a $1.8 Million verdict in federal court against former MLB player Chad Curtis who was convicted of sexually assaulting four high school students. Ms. Beck immediately followed that verdict with a settlement in excess of $1 Million against a school district whose employee sexually assaulted an elementary school student.
  • Lisa Cloutier, Harvard Law School alum and previous Managing Editor of the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, has a professional background that includes “big law firm” litigation training, employment as a Supervisory Attorney at the U.S. Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights, and consulting work on behalf of numerous women’s rights organizations, including Futures Without Violence.
  • Carly Mee, George Mason University School of Law alum, was a Senior Staff Attorney at the legal nonprofit, SurvJustice, and was a recipient of the 2019 Unsung Hero Award from the Virginia Attorney General’s Office for her dedicated service to victims of crime in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

What if your lawyers cannot practice law in my state?

Our legal team has the training, experience, and confidence necessary to overcome tough legal obstacles and well-heeled lawyers.  If we are not licensed to practice in the state where tragedy has occurred, we obtain special permission to practice and associate ourselves with qualified local trial counsel – combining local attorneys with national expertise – giving you the best legal representation.

Whether you are in need of an athlete abuse lawyer or more specifically a college athlete lawyer, please contact our office at or call 1.877.WASH.DC.1 to schedule a confidential conversation.